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Thread: Aircrack-ng on ipod touch 2g

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    Angry Aircrack-ng on ipod touch 2g

    I have spent a couple days searching the web for a solution to this problem, and before anyone asks me anything such as "why do that" or "what's wrong with [blank]" the answer is "Because I think I can".

    A brief outline of the issue so far:

    I have installed aircrack-ng on my iPod to off-load some of the pentesting tasks from my MacBook and desktop boxes. I am experienced with using aircrack-ng/airodump-ng/aireplay-ng etc. I am familiar with most app-based techniques in terminal, and the like.

    My question:

    is there any reason anyone can think of why a .cap file generated in bt4r2 with airodump-ng would not be compatible with the ipod version of aircrack-ng? I ask this because even though I have succeeded in getting aircrack-ng to run on my ipod, open my .cap file and my dictionary, it says the .cap file contains no valid wpa handshake.....despite the fact that the exact same file opens just jim-dandy on my desktop and on my macbook using the same bt4r2 DvD. I have verified the integrity of the ipod's .cap file down to the last byte, as well as having tested this against multiple different .cap files, all with the same results: No valid handshake.

    what gives?


    ED: Just to re-cap, as it may not be clear why I'm asking this here, rather than on the Aircrack-ng forum(they say since it's involving an aircrack that you use in bt4r2, I need to ask you guys about it)because it's concerning a file created by the version of airodump-ng that you guys bundle in with BT.
    The exact trouble is the file created with the DVD version of airodump-ng (without apt-get) is creating a .cap file which appears to be incompatible with this other version of aircrack-ng which runs on the ipod. So my question would be, has anyone ever encountered an instance of a .cap file created on solid hardware, with your version of airodump-ng, and which works just fine in your kernel with no apt-get and straight from dvd, not working on another platform in a different version of an application, aircrack-ng, though it opens just fine in yours?

    The wireless tool library on the ipod is something different insofar as it does not include the other parts of that same library which are included in most other iterations of the library, such as airodump-ng, airmon-ng, aireplay-ng, etc. So I guess it's possible the different, ARM-based build of aircrack-ng might work so differently as to render the handshake generated by airodump-ng in BT4r2 unreadable. But I don't know, does anyone here have an Idea?

    I see also that you have recently released BT5, and there is a specifically ARM-based version available, yet it is unclear whether I could use this, or any of its libraries on the ipod per se.

    I have also not yet completed my .torrent DL of BT5, so have yet to ascertain whether the wireless tool library available therein has any different result for its .cap file as run on the ipod ARM processor. I will post a new reply once I have been able to determine the answers to any of these questions on my own, should I be able to do so.
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