Hi everyone!
I am new in backtrack and Linux OS. I do fallow all the tutorials in the site, usually all of them work without problem, but not and the wireless card one, for a broadcom.
I am using the BT5 Live CD , on a USB stick, everything work well except the wireless. I am using Lenovo S12 with wireless card Broadcom NetLink. I do fallow the tutorial that I have found here
Getting BROADCOM Wireless to work in BackTrack!
I done everything like they said and no success at all.The only thing that did say "no file or directory found" it was some of the kind was for the last command "insmod wl.ko ". The thing that I notice is the wireless LIGHT, it is OFF and I can not make it flash, I do try the side botton of the laptop but nothing happen. I want to make this working and then save that OS as a live CD so I can use it like that. The reason I post here instead of the other thread its because I am using BackTrack 5 and the other one is in BT4 I have no idea does that really matter, I do check the all thread there for posts releated to my issue and did not find any.