i was wondering if anyone could test this new script for me. when you have a look at it and think what the hell was he thinking, i have a simple answer to that. I'm very new to scripting and im limited to the commands i'v learned up to now.

Its semi automated Dual install and here are the things you need to know.
qtpared is manual,
resize first partition and free up some space
goto file and click Commit
when prompted click Yes then OK
then quit qtparted

when prompted to continue to format one of the partitions just type y then hit enter.

Also at the end of the script a new konsole will open. keep that open and follow the instructions on the first konsole.

I'v tested hda1 on my laptop and need the other two options tested.
i also added ReL1K update script with a few changes. so you can get updated after install.
to run
copy the two files into your root directory and make it executable.
chmod 755 casca
then casca to run.