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Thread: WhatWeb and Mongo Pain

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    Default WhatWeb and Mongo Pain

    Hi All

    Has anyone successfully had whatweb log to mongo?
    I have the mongo server running and the log shows that something (presumably whatweb) connects, however whatweb says ‘logging failed’ in its std output.
    I can’t see any useful error logs for whatweb.
    I’m scanning 150 + plus web servers as part of an audit at work.



    Fixed courtesy of Andrew Horton

    To fix it: Open whatweb-0.4.7/lib/output.rb,

    Find this line:
    os = {|x| x[:os] unless x[:os].class=Regexp }.flatten.compact.sort.uniq

    change it to:
    os = {|x| x[:os] unless x[:os].class==Regexp }.flatten.compact.sort.uniq
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    Default Re: WhatWeb and Mongo Pain

    While this may/will work if a fix from the dev comes out we can of course fix the package in the repos.
    Thanks for reporting this to us however, a better idea is to report errors with tools to their respective developers.
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    If you are new to Back|Track
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    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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