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Thread: chntpw tool won't install

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    Unhappy chntpw tool won't install

    Ok, I tried posting this in the beginners forum page, but it never made it to the board for some reason... >

    I need to use BT5 to recover my windows login password, which I promptly forgot after changing it when a laptop was given to me. I heard of a tool (chntpw) that allegedly does this, but "nt" leads me to believe it may not work on windows 7. This is my first question: should it?

    Also, I have run into problems trying to install it. I'll run "apt-get install chntpw" and get BT says it can't find the package. .....ok.
    Than I just run "chntpw" thinking maybe it is already installed somewhere, but I get back "[it says use apt-get to install it] you will have to enable the 'universe' component."

    I have a rough idea of what universe is, having read a tutorial trying to figure this whole ordeal out myself, although in the tutorial, the poster used an older version of ubuntu, which had some kind of package manager built into it BT clearly doesn't have. All he had to do was check a couple boxes, one for 'universe' and one for 'multiverse'.

    I had a few boot disks of ubuntu 10.10, ubuntu 10.4 and mint 10 lying around, so I tried doing it exactly like the tutorial, using straight up ubuntu. I found the package manager, and used it ok, but "chntpw" wasn't listed in that kind of database of tools ( I'm not sure exactly what it is they come from). Oh, and I definitely was connected to the internet. I made sure of this, even using an oldschool ethernet cord.

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    Default Re: chntpw tool won't install

    chntpw is already installed at /pentest/passwords/chntpw
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    Default Re: chntpw tool won't install

    Whooaa. That it is. Thanks!

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