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Thread: Avoid invalid ssl certificate popup ?

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    Default Avoid invalid ssl certificate popup ?

    Is there a tool or a method to avoid the "invalid certificate" browser popup when sniffing ssl traffic ?

    I've expiremented with ettercap and webmitm and also sslstrip

    But I'm wondering if it's possible to keep the ssl connection (not like sslstrip) and yet sniff the traffic without the warning ?
    Could it be possible to put our own face certificate on the victim's machine to avoid further popup ? I'm interested in any method practical or theoretical.


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    Default Re: Avoid invalid ssl certificate popup ?

    Don't think so, depending on the browser of choice, it will warn the user that the certificate is possibly fraudulent, you could try by adding your own SSL Details, i know there's an option for it somewhere, but you will need to set a generic one for soemthing like "Verisign" but it may or may not work.

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