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Thread: Black Screen when booting Backtrack Live cd on NVidia Switchable Optimus

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    I have been trying to install Backtrack 5 the last few days, first on VM under Windows 7, but i figured out that the best solution for me was a classical hard disk install.
    When I have been booting my Backtrack 5 CD (32bit GNOME), there were a stack of initialization, and even before the first BackTrack5 wallpaper before even having to type the "startx" command, my screen turns totally black, but is still illuminated.
    I was facing with previous versions of Backtrack the "no screen found" error, but I cannot even see this error message this time, since the screen gets totally black.

    I tried to boot it forcing the Integrated GPU in the BIOS, and it works fine, but it would be really annoying to have to go in the BIOS whenever booting (i.e. with a multiple boot win7, bt5).

    My question is the following. Do you have any solutions to avoid that Black screen error?
    If not, do you have any idea how to force BT5 to boot on a specified gpu ?
    I have been trying to google it, but nothing relevant came out.

    I am at your disposal for further information.

    Best regards,

    My configuration is the following:
    Lenovo T410s :
    Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA NVS3100M Graphics (NVidia Optimus technology)
    Intel Core i5-540M (2.53GHz, 3MB L3, 1066MHz FSB, 35W)
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