ok i got a simple question. hope its in the rite place. when i connect to an unsecure wireless network via my network card i get directed to a site or a page where i have to type in my username and password? ok now i have tryd to capture my password with ettercap while logging in but it doesnt work. my question. please read carfully, must the "attacker" be loged into this network (as in type a username and password) or does the "attacker" just have to be connected to the wireless network without typing a username and password(basically just sit and wait at the login page) ?
oh and why is it called an unsecure network? i have read allot of posts that people say you can just sniff plain text outof an unsecure wireless network but you cant? i sniff while im doing things and i get nothing relavent. thanx for any help, i have tryd searching google and a number of forums but i cant get an answer anywhere. it seems so simple people dnt evan bother.