I'm trying to install bt2 on an 4 GB USB Stick and get the well known kernel panic . I allready tried the hints within this howto:


However I still get a kernel panic

Maybe somebody could figure out what I did wrong:

1. boot bt in a VM
2. partition the usb stick (1 primary ext3 partition with boot flag 3500M, 1 swap partition 500M)
3. mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1 to get a file system
4. mount sda1 and the cd
4. start the installer and perform a full install
5. chroot to sda1 and go to the kernel files
6. make menuconfig -> Device Drivers -> USB support:
- * EHCI ..
- * OHCI ..
- * UHCI ..
7. make
8. make install
9. boot to the USB Stick -> kenel panic