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Thread: Install BT2 on a usb stick under XP

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    Unhappy Install BT2 on a usb stick under XP


    hope this is a quick and simple one.. Tring to install under XP using BT2USB4WINvi18n-MULTI23-RC1.exe

    Installs ok.. Checked my ISO, all ok.. but cant open the USB device says "it's not a removable drive"

    Under XP its showing as a "local Disk" how do i change this..
    I have tried 3 usb flash drives, and 7 pc's all see them as local disks. not reomvalble disks.

    I thought it might be xp assigning a mapped driver letter to the drive, so have changed it to Z: or X: but still its a "Local Disk" not Removable..

    Please help

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    im the developer of this tool
    so i can say you there's no way to use bt2usb4win with a removable HD....detected as a local one
    i didn't find any solution for this...still working on it....

    you need to extract iso onto the root of ur removable drive

    go on the
    /boot directory located in your new install

    run bootinst.bat

    that's all

    sorry again ....
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    Default usb stick problem solved

    i got backtrack 2 working on a live kingston usb stick 1gb, i can save to this etc. i can't save config etc . not nice. i bought a fast vista ready boost usb stick 4gb, it don't work. my 1 gb stick is a kingston 1gb kingston dti/data traveller, i just ordered a kingston dti/data traveller,4GB, and i think i can put the full install on it with no problems. i'll keep you posted.

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