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I am using backtrack5 gnome 32bit on vmware workstation 7.1.4

I am experiencing an issue with the script. I have ran the option 1. then i went to run option 2 then went to update all. I got the following error:
<div class="bbcode_container">
<div class="bbcode_description">issue:</div>
<pre class="bbcode_code"style="height:144px;">sh: line 0: cd: /pentest/exploits/framework3/: No such file or directory
[>] Failed to update Metasploit.</pre>
I checked the directory /pentest/exploits/framework3/ the link was broken

So i check /opt/framework3/ and the msf3 folder was missing?

Does anyone know how to correct this issue? I would greatly appreciate the help
Try reinstalling framework3.