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Thread: [>] Update Script for Backtrack 5.

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    Thumbs up [>] Update Script for Backtrack 5.

    I could not find an update script working with Backtrack 5 so I decided to make a quick one.

    Updated version: 2.0

    Changelog Version 2.0
    * Reviewed all tools.
    * Compatible with Backtrack 5 R2/R3.
    * Removed the menu.
    git clone git://
    cd backtrack_update
    chmod a+x

    If you know more tools I could add to the script in order to update them please feel free to post them here.
    Also if you find any bugs or have any feedback feel free to contact me in this thread. I will update the thread with each update to the script.

    NOTE: Please make sure you understand what the script does before running it.

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