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Thread: How to change GRUB theme to BT5 style.

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    Default How to change GRUB theme to BT5 style.

    I've installed BT5 from USB to Hard disk on my netbook.

    I fixed boot-spalsh screen, but GRUB itself have text-style.
    This is what it looks like:

    I want this(red stylish):

    Also there's lil problem, I fixed boot-splash screen, it doesn't go 1024x600 from the begining (right after GRUB ) some loading goes and only then it goes 1024x600 and shows splash-screen with dragon.
    Shortly, When I power on netbook I want 1024x600 everywhere, without changes.
    1. BIOS
    2. GRUB ( 1024x600 red stylish)
    3. Booting ( splash screen 1024x600)
    4. root@bt: (1024x600 )
    5. After startx ( 1024x600)
    It changes all the time, I think it's painful for him.

    Please, help =)

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    Unhappy Re: How to change GRUB theme to BT5 style.

    Hey sorry man im a newbie so i dnt know if im posting in that right place or not but i been working on trying to put an image like that on my Grub loader too anyway you could provide a quick procedure for me....i had an image before but i was running bt4 r2 and it was dope i used KGRUBEditor but apparently that app dnt work with bt5...please help!

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    Default Re: How to change GRUB theme to BT5 style.

    type "fix-splash" no quotes..

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