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Thread: Bios, CDrom and Hard drive missing

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    Default Bios, CDrom and Hard drive missing

    Hi all,

    Yesterday ik put BT5 on a USB and booted from it. BT starts, but my old hard drive (C:\) is missing. When ik try to reboot without the BT5 USB stick into my laptop, the bios can't find my C drive with Windows7anymore. Also my DVDrom drive isn't appearing anymore? I'n really new to BT5, can't find any solutions for my problem in the wiki or bachtrack-linux website, and i really need some files i had on the former W7 installation. Did i **** up my mbr of my hard drive?
    Thanks in advance for any help...

    Greetz ViTo


    The last 2 days i've read alot more and am starting to 'get to know BT5' just a tiny little bit.
    I've probaply overwritten my old mbr by installing BT5 (without any knowledge) through unetbootin onto a USB stick. After that the bios didn't displayed my internal HD and DVD rom, only a strange bunch of numbers.
    I read that with GRUB you can boot and use some utilities to fix the mbr, just like fixmbr.exe on a windows repair action.
    After turning on my PC and boot from the USB, i can type in GRUB and than i find some help words. But there i hang now.....
    I don't know which commands or code i have tot put in to start the GRUB mbr rewrite tool? Because i like BT5 alot and don't want to **** up (maybe i already did) my precious and longtimetaking .fla files and some precious pictures ik haven't just started to type something in the GRUB commandline.....

    Anyone suggestions on what to do or where to seek? Thanks in advance

    Greetz ViTo
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