BackTrack 5 Released, very very lovely Thanks to devs.

I'm confused, no really! I can't help it.
I'm talking about how to use BackTrack 5.

Hope this thread won't be closed in 10 mins.

So... Mainly I'm using BT for Wi-Fi pentesting.
I have one netbook Intel ATOM,
2 PCs, one is dual core and second is old one Pentium 4.
None of these comps have BackTrack installed.

I want to install it, and I can't decide how to use it.

It's all about experience and comfortable use.
Mainly I use BT for Wi-Fi things =) wardriving around with netbook then coming home and cracking keys with my desktop computer.

Right now I have:
Netbook - Windows XP
Main Desktop PC - Windows 7 64 Bit ( CUDA Support )
Old PC - Windows XP ( he's useless, I'm not using him, made him DVD-Player Replacer )

1st I want Install BT5 Dual boot on netbook.
Netbook - Windows XP / BT 5
I definetly need powerful PC to bruteforce keys. Not gonna use netbook for it.
For example I got handshake, I'm coming home and copy it on main PC to crack it.
There's problem, should I use aircrack-ng windows binary or should I install BackTrack on main PC, or should I use BT over VWWare.

1. Using windows binaries or Cygwin, I heard that aircrack-ng-cuda on windows is unstable n crashes all the time. Shortly CMD.exe
2. Dual-boot is most likely not comfortable, I want my main PC power on all the time for music etc. I don't want to reboot machine every time I want brutforce something.
3. Is VMWare is most comfortable for me.Becouse I have 2 monitors, I can easy fullscreen VMWare window and put it on second screen, but its' emulation right ? Can I make CUDA Support on Virtual Machine ? How much performance I loose like this ?
4. I can make old PC somehow usefull, install BT5 connect it to second screen and use 2 comps at the same time. But it's only 1 core =(

How do YOU use your BackTrack 5. Tell me about your experience.

Advice me guys. Please)

P.S: Sry for gramma.