Conclusion/point of this thread:
In all due respect, everything that may be reason enough for infraction/s for users be in the Forum FAQ, Forum Rules or possibly in the Wiki FAQ.

Hi there. I just wanted to know if the Rules, the Wiki FAQ and the Forum FAQ is complete with all the rules and non-supported subjects that may render one with infraction in form of "point/s"?

I seem to, sadly, have dragged infractions on to my account already. No point in making a fuzz about that; it was a mistake on my behalf since it actually was against the regulations.

The thing is, I can't seem to find the rule against it in either of these sources.
This was the explanation I got in my email inbox about my infraction:

Dear Mogle,

You have received an infraction at BackTrack Forums.

Reason: Opening a thread on a subject where a search on the forum would have revealed the answer
Topic covered thread deleted.
We do not support adding users to BT. Try reading the forum faq. It's a rule you agreed to.

This seems to be in order; it is clear that my infraction is in order. The only thing I can't get my head around is where it says that adding users is not supported by the BT community?
This is not in any way an appeal against my infraction which is, in fact, correct - but there seems to be rules that are not covered in the FAQ-pages and the Rules.

I think new users, with even less general forum-experience than I have, will have a hard enough time to follow the rules that ARE written, without having to worry about half-hidden restrictions that may render them restricted before they know why because they're not in enough plain sight to be seen.

Again, this is not in any way an appeal or meant to be in disrespect for the Moderators, but a tip for the future.

Cheers, and good luck with all of your BT'ing!