I am new to this community and I intend to stay there as long as possible.
After much work with other operating systems, I start everything about the network and I know there're no better than Linux for the network and its security.
At this very moment, I work on the security of a private network wi-fi.
And I learned the tools but a Aircrack-ng problem.
Indeed, I can not find the right driver for my Atheros AR9285 network card because Airmon-ng does not detect my network card and I think it's because of this.
If this is not the case, tell me what to do for me that the poster.
Second problem: When I want to configure my wi-fi card with these commands: airmon <start> <interface>-ng [channel]
bt ~ # airmon-ng start rausb0 6
Console says:
bt: Command Is Not found
Thank you in advance for all your attention to my problem.
If you need more information, I am available all night and I do not spam the forum to get a quick response.