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Thread: Removing Nouveau Driver for Nvida/CUDA Installation

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    Default Removing Nouveau Driver for Nvida/CUDA Installation

    I have stayed up waaaay past my bedtime the past few nights trying unsuccessfully to install the Nvidia dev drivers on my 32bit KDE BT5 pendrive. I am almost completely new to linux, so now you know why I am struggling is the build I am trying to install.

    I am informed by the install package that the nouveau drivers are loaded which prevents installation.

    I have allowed nvidia to automatically create the blacklist files and I have tried editing the existing blacklist files manually. The installation still sees nouveau.

    Would someone be so kind as to post a short walkthrough on disabling these buggers?

    I have tried ghostdog's method, with no joy. One of the steps failed. Here is the install process I have been using to install:

    apt-get install libssl-dev linux-headers-2.6.38
    chmod 755
    sh ./ --kernel-source-path /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38
    Then I am greeted by the nouveau error. ARRRGH!


    Also, can someone please explain how to boot into recovery mode in this release? Holding esc does not give me the grub menu. Thanks!
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