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Thread: Install BT5 on USB no menu.lst after GRUB

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    Default Install BT5 on USB no menu.lst after GRUB

    Hi I follow the instruction about to install BT5 on Persistent USB (

    The problem is that after installing Grub with these command: grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt/sdb1 /dev/sdb

    Get no error, make the folder /mnt/sdb1/boot/grub

    BUT there's no menu.lst file

    and also no /boot/vmlinuz on the /mnt/sb1

    Is this an error to correct on the instructions in the wiki or I am doing something wrong?
    Where must point in the menu.lst to boot?
    Can someone correct the example of the menu.lst example on the wiki to something valid?


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    Default Re: Install BT5 on USB no menu.lst after GRUB

    I ran in to this same problem, the issue is that BT5 uses Grub2 which doesn't use a menu.lst, instead it uses a grub.cfg file which is automatically generated using update-grub. This change wasn't taken in to consideration with the wiki tutorial and thats why its not working.

    I don't know how to configure grub2 to work on a usb drive or i'd gladly give us a solution.. :/ I guess i'm going to spend the next hour or so reading up on grub2.

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