Greetings, all. I have been unable to get a WPA handshake using an AWUS036H (USB RTL8187). Other folks on the forum have been using this card successfully.
I have tested several of my networks in different locations and cracked them as WEP without any issues, but I have been unable to get a handshake when I change them to WPA. I have spent a couple of hours reading through posts dating back to BT3, and I have checked that I do not have the common causes folks reported:
- the card goes into monitor mode happily with the BT drivers for it
- The signal is neither too strong nor too weak. I have moved back and forth from 3 to 15 meters from the AP; the power ranges between 50 and 100 when I do that
- I have it monitoring the single channel I need
- I both manually and automatically reconnect 3 different clients trying to capture the handshake. I see them connecting and disconnecting as I deauth them.
- the deauths work fine; I've tried increments from 1-50, though they work on the first try, disconnecting each of my clients I target. I assume this means I can inject just fine.
- the reconnects are not too fast that I don't see them in airmon; they take a couple of seconds
- I lose few to none of the packets
- Troubleshooting, I have done process checks and stopped the relevant services and done a killall, such as the dhclient, before I start
- aircrack and all the dependencies are up-to-date. Had the same successes and problems on BT4.

I have used wifite and had the same problem (can't be user error), and have also done it manually as follows:
airmon-ng to check what interface label it is (wlan0)
airmon-ng stop wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 down
airmon-ng start wlan0 1 for my channel 1 - have tried AP w/ others too
airodump-ng wlan0 so I can copy paste the BSSID and re-verify channel

Though I mentioned that I can do deauths and think I can inject, this is what I get when I do: aireplay-ng -9 -a 00:15:AF:03:3B:28 wlan0

15:30:06 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:15:AF:03:3B:28) on channel 1
15:30:06 Trying broadcast probe requests...
15:30:08 No Answer...
15:30:08 Found 1 AP
15:30:08 Trying directed probe requests...
15:30:08 00:15:AF:03:3B:28 - channel: 1 - 'MYAP'
15:30:16 0/30: 0%

As you can see, 0/30. I get this on all my APs when they are set for WPA.

A lot of bright minds in this forum. Any ideas? Thanks.