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Thread: Hercules Wireless & Wicd Network Manager Problems

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    Default Hercules Wireless & Wicd Network Manager Problems


    I have just download BackTrack5 Gnome 32bits to mi computer.
    I use Hercules Wireless G ultramini USB. It works perfectly in windows.
    I have virtualized BT5 with VirtualBox, configuring network as:
    Adaptator 1: PCNet Fast III (bridge, Hercules Wireless G ultramini USB)

    When I start Firefox in my BT5 i can work perfectly. But when I open Wicd Network Manager, it doesnt find my wireless network.

    I have tried many commands that i have read in forums but it doesnt work.

    Somebody can help me?:
    Is my Hercules Wireless USB compatible with BT5? Should I buy a new USB Wireless?
    Is my configuration in Network(VirtualBox) correct?

    Sorry for my english :S
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Hercules Wireless & Wicd Network Manager Problems

    lose wicd and change to network manager.

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