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Thread: easy-creds 3.3-BT5 Released

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    Default Re: easy-creds 3.3-BT5 Released

    thank you for the fast reply and the great work - keep it up

    looking forward to the next update


    I'm probably missing something completely obvious (again) but I get an error when trying to run the script:

    root@bt:~/Dropbox/linux/script/mitm/easy-creds# sh
    ettercap: no process found
    python: no process found
    urlsnarf: no process found
    dsniff: no process found
    airbase-ng: no process found
    tail: no process found
    hamster: no process found
    ferret: no process found line 269: `f_DHCP-Poison': not a valid identifier

    EDIT #2 - nevermind, I'm just tired - chmod 755 to the rescue :P
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