I'm new to BT5, but not new to Linux -- I use a Debian variant as my primary OS.

N.B. I'm using BT5 on a laptop, with windows Vista as its primary OS. I'm running BT5 in live mode.

When I try the default boot option, the laptop hangs during the boot cycle prior to giving me a bash prompt ($ or #).

The last messages I can see on the screen are as follows:

/opt/framework3/postgresql/scripts/ctl.sh postresql could not be started

LOG: database system was shut down on [date] [time]

LOG: database system ready to accept connections

LOG: autovacuum launcher started

The system hangs at this point.

I've also tried rebooting into safe mode; this brings me to the KDE login screen, but I am unable to login using the default root password.

If I switch to another terminal and change the root password, then switch back to the KDE login screen using Ctrl-Alt-F7 and try to login again, the KDE splash screen appears with the 4 Chinese characters, but it simply bounces me back to the KDE login screen again.

The .iso I am attempting to use is: BT5-KDE-64.iso. I downloaded this .iso and verified the MD5 hash with the one on the website. I used K3B to burn this a DVD, and had K3B verify the file after burning.

On the off chance that I had some bad media, I burned the .iso again on another brand of media, verified the burn again, and got the same result.

The laptop in question is a HP, aobut 18 months old, T4400 Core2Duo CPU, 3GB RAM, Mobile IntelExpress4 Chipset family.

All in all, not an auspicious beginning.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.