i installed Bt5 to hard drive on my ASUS EEE 1215N with the 14e4:4727 broadcom wlan chipset.

when i but it into montitor mode BT creates a mon0 Interface which is in montitor mode.

when i start airodump-ng with mon0 it starts to monitor all networks and collects beacons.

the strange thing is that it does not record the data packages ... i goggled now like 2h and asked in the aircrack IRC but without success. anyone of you got a idea how i can fix this issue ?

airmon-ng output:

Interface Chipset Driver
wlan0 unknown brcm80211 -[phy0]
mon0 unknown brcm80211 -[phy0]
when i connect my USB wlan card everything works superb!

atheros > broadcom

hope you can help