Fed up with the way that Firefox looked I decided to see if I could do something about it.

I've managed to successfully install the script here: LINKY

The only thing to watch is that you need to change the installation path to:

After that I was still pained by nasty looking fonts, so I went to Edit > Preferences in Firefox and then the 'Content' tab, clicked on Advanced, and unticked the box about a third of the way down the new window.

Then I played around with the fonts that were available until I found one that looked ok.

I know it's only a small thing, and that it's not very technical/security oriented. But if it helps at least one person then it was worth sharing, I'm just trying to give back where I can

Please note that I can't provide any support for the script. I'm using a default HDD install, so hopefully it should work the same for everybody else as it did for me.

Good Luck