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Thread: Download issue on Website..

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    Default Download issue on Website..

    The site won't give me a mirror to download BT5. I even registered. Maybe If I try typing in another country it will work. Hope to get some help.

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    You need to explain more. What is it doing?

    Click on Download
    Then choose what you want to install.
    For me it was Gnome - 32bot - ISO - Direct - Than click Download again.

    Worked for me

    Explain what it's not doing.

    2. Click "download"
    3. Choose options (for me Gnome - 32 bit - ISO - direct)
    4. Using UNetbootin load ISO on a flash drive or burn to disk.
    5. Boot using flash drive or disk (if doesn't boot, make sure you have the bios set to boot from flash/disk before it boots from hdd. Usually this is done by pressing f12 at the first screen to enter your bios settings)
    6. Once running from flash/disk click the icon on the desktop to install onto hdd.
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    Default Re: Download issue on Website..

    I have this problem also.

    Clicking Download or Register and Download doesn't yield any results whatsoever. Nothing happens, so no options can be selected to choose what to download.

    Have tried with Firefox and Chrome, and neither work.

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