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Thread: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

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    Default I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    I'm sure yiz all know me here (or at least most of yiz).

    Anyway, I'm not half-shabby at writing C++ programs that are multi-threaded and cross-platform.

    For my final year college project I need to come up with something new. (They won't accept Dynamo since it's already been completed).

    Please suggest something that will be very useful and will be used by thousands of users (both Linux, Windows, and Mac). It need not be directly related to networking, any program at all that people will find uselful.

    It will be free and open source.

    Thanks lads.
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    Default Re: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    Well, I don't know how many people would use it, but I would love to see a decent covert-channel communications system (IRC over ARP?), suitably encrypted. Perhaps we take a poll on suggestions?

    It's not quite as useful as dynamo, but uses similar tech so you should be able to key onto it pretty quickly. I have to confess I used a similar idea a few years ago to write a multicast-based instant messaging system (in that instant it was communicate by absolutely any means possible). It's kind of stupid, but is good for both user interface design, security (if that's one of your college focus'), as well as being a bit left field (how many people wrote a port scanner to get passed first year java programming?).
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    Default Re: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    Do something with encryption. People need to feel secure. since there are a ton of encryption techniques maybe something that unifies the technology.
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    Default Re: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    I don't know if you need a tool "only made by you", but if you want to help another tool (create a module/feature), I think you should look at . They are developing a IPS that looks quite promising. Also, they have specific topics to be improved:

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    Default Riferimento: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    I would love a fresh new port redirection tool or proxy server.
    Anyway Scametology idea is nice too!

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    Default Re: I'm sure yiz get this all the time

    Perhaps a metasploit module...or more than one. That would definitely be used by lots of people

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