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Thread: Forensic Tools & Keylogger

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    Default Forensic Tools & Keylogger

    Hi, my sister's fiancé has been cheating on her and she has asked me to dig up some dirt on him from her computer. I was wondering if there are any forensic tools, that come with backtrack, that can be used to perform string searches on unused and even slack space?

    Also, can you suggest a keylogger for a windows box? i know there are rules against this on these forums but this is a special case, i have permission from the system owner.

    last question, facebook messages are sent through javascript; are these stored in the local cache at all?


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    Default Re: Forensic Tools & Keylogger

    Here's a better idea (since we are not going to be helping you with this) try contacting a private investigator. I mean your likely to only run afoul of the law by trying to do what you are doing.
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