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Thread: sslstrip: command not found

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    Default sslstrip: command not found

    Hey guys I am currently attempting a MITM attack using ettercap/sslstrip and when I come around to type the following command:

    ssltrip -a -k -f
    It replies with the following:

    sslstrip: command not found
    I am probably doing something stupid but I honestly can't think of why and I have searched Google etc and can't find the answer to my problem.

    I have also tried 'apt-get install ssltrip' and it says it is already installed etc.

    Any help appreciated,


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    Default Re: sslstrip: command not found

    type: find / -name sslstrip* and go to the directory where is located the Then python
    Also you can download it from homepage, unzip it and run it from the sources.. This is: unzip it, go to the folder unzipped and just run it : python
    Try it...
    best of luck

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    Default Re: sslstrip: command not found

    Or search the forums, it's been already covered
    Running both KDE and GNOME BT5 flawlessly. Thank you !

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