Hi, I've been struggling with this for days now, I have installed Backtrack 5, I have Atheros AR9287 wireless card. But whenever I open Wireshark to sniff the wireless network, I am able to see only my own traffic, or traffic targeted to the whole network *.255 only. I've noticed that whenever I try to select the capture interface, wlan0 (which is the wireless adapter) shows as ETHERNET, and I don't have 802.11 option in the drop down list...I've been searching for days now, and couldn't find any useful answer.
I would like to note that I also tried the following:
airmon-ng start monitor wlan0 -c 6

But when I open wireshark, choose mon0 as my interface, I sniff as if I'm not on the network...everything is encrypted, no IP addresses.

I really do appreciate your help!