Hi,I don't know if I am posting this on the right forum but I was hoping if anyone could help me solving my problem. I just downloaded Backtrack 5 and installed it. Had some problems getting the right driver for my gpu but eventually managed to install the right one. At first I thought the problem could be because I didn't have the right gpu driver but its still there. My backtrack freezes when I do anything,for instance I open firefox and browse the internet I can't open command promp or even close firefox with the close butten (alt-F4 does work). I can do 1 thing but then it just freezes and I can only do the thing I was doing. I can still browse but can't do anything else. I have the 64-bit gnome edition.
system specs are:
asus p6t deluxe V2
intel core I7 930 (2.80GHz)
nvidia geforce gtx 470
western digital caviar black 1TB

thanks in advance