I install backtrack 5 gnome 32bit on my 8gig flash drive by making to partitions and a logical one above those. From there I formatted them using the backtrack installer and it boots up fine and has persistent changes.

But it's not a normal boot in that I get a ugly grub menu that doesn't say backtrack in the menu list but something like..

Linux Kernel X.XX.X
Linux Kernel X.XX.X (recovery mode)
Boot Windows XP service pack 3
Boot Windows NT..

And when I boot from the first option I get an older looking ubuntu splash screen..

__________________________________________________ ________

. . . .

__________________________________________________ ________

And I also want a higher resolution because persistent changes means it uses the same resolution settings in text mode from computer to computer.

But when i startx i have no problems with resolution.

How do I make this look like the live dvd?

I was also wondering if there was a way to chose at grub if I wanted persistence on or not. Because that was useful for me. It kept my usb clean.