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Thread: aircrack-ng web application?

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    Default aircrack-ng web application?

    Is it possible to port aircrack-ng as a web application? For the sake of this question, theoretically it is.. the web app would be on a dedicated host or something. in order to use it, the user would need the regular requirements: correct chipset/drivers/etc..

    Now this is where my theory stops (at least I think).. In order to access the web app, there has be to internet connection but when the user starts the script, he/she would be disconnected because the script will enable the wifi adapter into monitoring mode.. However it might still work if the user also has an ethernet cable plugged in :O...
    I just thought it would be cool although it would just another wep/wpa cracking tool.

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    Default Re: aircrack-ng web application?

    Aircrack-ng is low level (kernel mode) software suite which uses raw sockets, radio tap , hooks and maybe its own virtual interfaces to create custom and send custom 802.11 frames, moreover aircrack suite uses clever software implementation of FMS and Korek attacks.
    How it can be ported or used as a web app.?
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