Hi guys,

Just got a new netbook, HP DM1z with the new AMD APU, 3GB ddr3 ram
default res 1366x768
I have already installed the VM of BT5 on my Desktop, but Im trying to get it going on my new netbook.
So here's what I've done so far...
Ran Unetbootin with the x64 gnome version and my display will not show anything on screen (looks like the old analog tv's when they dont receive any reception on screen - digital fuzziness) after I select debug mode, no drm, default - anything etc
Thought that the ISO i d/l was corrupt, so I d/l the 32-bit version of BT5 KDE and unetbootin again - this yielded the same results.

This seems like a driver issue to me if I cannot even see the starting "splash screen"
where you startx and initially logon.

Any ideas, Im not that much of a linux noob, wondering if there was a way for me to get just where I can get to xorg and attempt to edit/play around and attempt to fix from there?

Also I have tested and this 32-bit KDE version works on other computers with my USB thumbdrive