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Thread: wireless interface not recognized

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    Default wireless interface not recognized

    I am running BT5 on vmware on my macbook pro. I have tried airmon-ng but no matter what I do it never shows me an interface, but I can access the internet. Any idea on how to force the system to pick up my internal wireless card? Or is it not possible?

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    What wireless card are you running? Also, you said you are running BT5 in vmware. I am running mine on OSX in a virtual machine also, but I am using VirtualBox this time around. I used VMWare before though. Are you sure you have enabled the connection of your hardware to your virtual machine? It is separate from pluggin it into your macbook. In VMWare, there is some listing of devices connected to your VM and you must check your wireless card in there. If I'm not being clear let me know, not very good at explaining I thinks...

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