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    Default C/C++ vs Java


    I know this questions is not part of backtrack but it's pentesting related:

    I got a job offer working as programmer in java, but I'm confused about how would this help my career.

    My career plan is to work ~3 years in programming(in parallel to work on CCNA, some entry level pentesting), another ~2years in network programming( to have programming expertise in networking, maybe to develop some CCNP skills, take advanced Offensive Security certifications), another ~ 2years in some ASM( not necessary only ASM, but to have a some expertise in it), after this, a job in pentesting/security.

    I think (for me) this is the right path to work in pentesting&security.

    I don't know for sure, but my guess is that the most important programming languages in pentesting would be C/C++,ASM,Perl/Python/Ruby + web development, but it's just a guess. How could Java help me? Is there a great demand in Java as security expert? Greater than the others mentioned above?

    I'm interested what the senior developers would say about this. I really want to hear some thoughts from those who work in the field and have senior experience in this. However I won't disregard the opinions on those who are only at the beginning of the road.

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