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Thread: BT5 Wicd Problem

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    Default BT5 Wicd Problem

    Hi i have a problem whilst trying to connect to a network through Wicd in backtrack 5, the problem is that when i try to connect to network 1 at home it keeps just connecting to network 2 (these are both my networks), i even tried connecting to network 2 then disconnecting and then reconnecting to network 1 but it just keeps connecting to network 2 no matter what network i actually click to "connect" to.
    It is not on automatically connect and i even switched the network off but it still insisted on trying to connect to network 2 even though it couldnt.
    Please help this is really annoying i have already looked for a solution to this problem and someone else has asked it a while back on bt4 and they never got a solution.
    Thanks in advance and for your time, Tom

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    Default Re: BT5 Wicd Problem

    What does /var/log/wicd/wicd.log say about all of this?


    you could also try purging wicd and reinstalling?
    sudo apt-get remove --purge wicd
    sudo apt-get install wicd

    but i'm not sure how recommended this is...
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    Default Re: BT5 Wicd Problem

    Power off network2 then connect to network1 If that doesn't work, something magical is happening....

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    Default Re: BT5 Wicd Problem

    Are you referring to wicd saying "connecting to network 2 ..." or whatever? Check to see what network it really connected to when it's finished. There seems to be a bug where it says it's connecting to a network you've used in the past even though it's really associating with the one you selected.

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    Default Re: BT5 Wicd Problem

    Have you tried looking at the preferences bar on the wicd gui? Maby one of your interfaces is not configured correctly.

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