so i love backtrack i literally love it ... but i still love windows too
so there was a way yo dual boot between backtrack and windows 7 in the same HD in the same partition or whatever .. anyway after installing backtrack 5 the HOW TO section in here Dual Boot , tole me that i will get this kind of options when i try to open an operating system

but hell i didn't get anything of what it said ... well i was like ok thats not a problem i will solve it i mean who can't right --- ooh yeah i love my self and i thought my self is a genus heheh until i got this problem then i knew that i am a zero heheh ..
anyway .. i searched in google for a solution i literally did but the only solution i got is how dumbass is me cause its either no solved this problem or its me who doesn't get how to solve it ... they were saying something about grub's menu.lst and editing it but there were no menu.lst in my boot/grub folder .. i tried to add one but it didn't work i installed an app called gparted and the app showed me that my windows 7 still there and the partition didn't get deleted or something ... and yes i tried to put the system recovery disk and repairing windows 7 but it gives me an error ..
anyway plz folks of backtrack those who has experience tell me what to do i am dying here its been like a week since i got this problem ....
yeah i am new in backtrack i only know a little bit ...
and excuse my english ... i know i suck .