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Thread: nemesis in bt 4 ? however not in bt 5 ?

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    Cool nemesis in bt 4 ? however not in bt 5 ?

    Hello everyone,

    Now i could be wrong, (yes it has happened before) but wasn't 'nemesis' in backtrack 4 ? I just installed Backtrack 5 and i did not see it there, also it not available by "apt-get" as well. I don't want anyone to think that i am complaining because i love backtrack for what it is. To have so many apps on one distro is amazing really, and the time it saves everyone is priceless. I just can't remember if nemesis was on the previous version or not. Also thought that maybe i would point this out, maybe nemesis was overlooked and someone might be able to add to repo's. I know downloading it is not impossible or hard, i just thought i would bring it up that is all. If anyone has any input/opinions on this i would be happy to listen.

    I would like to take this chance to thank the developers for their time and effort, you guys deserve for supplying us with such a fun linux distro.

    All right then,

    Thank You.

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    Default Re: nemesis in bt 4 ? however not in bt 5 ?

    There hasn't been an update for it in about 4 years, so it's way out of date now.

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