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Thread: Aircrack tools missing

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    Default Aircrack tools missing

    Hello guys today I have installed BT5 on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, all is working fine, but when I open the terminal and type airmon-ng, airodump-ng or anything like that it says: airmon-ng/airodump-ng( or anything like that): command not found.

    Can you please help me? I saw BT5 on X10 working just fine... the phone is rooted with Gingerbreak, the bootloader isn't unlocked. I have used this tutorial:

    Please help me!

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    Default Re: Aircrack tools missing

    That's coz the monitor mode is not yet available in any of android devices (correct me if i am wrong)
    Xperia X10 i can confirm and so about arc i can say that monitor mode is disabled.

    however if you still want to use it you have two options.
    1) apt-get update && apt-get install aircrack-ng
    2) if above failes then you can try adding ubuntu arm repositories for lucid

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    Default Re: Aircrack tools missing

    Yes, I see the same thing with the Motorola Xoom. Also I noticed that WICD was not installed either.

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    Default 回覆: Aircrack tools missing

    (1) aircrack-ng package is situated at /pentest/exploits/set/src/wireless
    (2) Wicd is not required as when your Android is connected to internet and your BackTrack 5 also can surf the internet (I think the network interface is bridged)


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