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Thread: Wierd case with db_nmap

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    Default Wierd case with db_nmap


    I am again stuck. Last week command in msfconsole:
    db_nmap -v -sV -oA subnet_1
    worked fine and all three output type files were created fine.

    I did not do any changes. Booted today backtrack, run a command
    db_nmap -v -sV -oA subnet_2
    And only one gnmap type is created, no xml and no nmap.
    If I run
    db_nmap -v -sV -oX subnet_2
    than I get a file with name -oX

    Any help with that?

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    Default Re: Wierd case with db_nmap

    Oh my, it was just me incredibly blind and stupid. Should have used nmap and not db_nmap.

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