Credit :
(1) anantshri at who resized the original Back|Track 5 ARM image to 3.3GB and developed scripts for running the image.
(2) DJ Steve who developed Streakdroid 2.0.0 which is based on stock ROM 2.3.3.

Fact :
First of all, you should root your Dell Streak 5. I have tried many methods to root Dell Streak 5 but unsuccessful. Those methods require Windows system. I nearly to brick my Streak. Fortunately, I re-flashed the recovery image and rescued my Streak.

Now, I would like to show you how to root your Streak by mean of install a custom ROM - StreakDroid which is developed by DJ Steve. The current StreakDroid is 2.0.0 and based on stock ROM 2.3.3. It is the easilest way to do so. If you do so, your Streak cannot be unrooted and the warranty will be voided. The ROM will be the StreakDroid 2.0.0.

Installation of Back|Track 5 does not harm your Streak as it use VNC to load the Back|Track 5 image.

The aircrack-ng does not run properly as the interface is eth0 instead of wlan0. There are no monitor mode and no injection too.

Tutorial :