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Thread: Backtrack 5 Install problems???

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    Unhappy Backtrack 5 Install problems???

    I have an ACER laptop that I had duel-booted with Windows 7 and Backtrack 4 without any problems... When BT5 came out, I formatted the hd, re-installed Win7 and installed BT5 (split space in 1/2 - install side by side)... problem is now when I turn on laptop, Win 7 boots fine.... BT5 does too until that part when I type in: startx then it's just a black screen with nothing on it. I've tried to format and redo everything multiple times and I get the same problem??? Never experienced this before and was wondering if anyone else had problems like this or even knew how to fix it... I'm running it through Vmware now in Win7, but I like having it installed so it runs faster... any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks

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    Lightbulb Re: Backtrack 5 Install problems???

    This problem is discussed here

    By following the directions you can get the monitor brightness set correctly. Passing the command "setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00 " as root in the dark will cause the screen to light up under BT5. After installing BT5 you can permanently modify your settings, and not have pass the command in the dark.

    This is a linux kernel bug. Try any other linux distro with the same kernel and you'll have the same problem. Try FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or an older linux kernel and all is well. It's a major bummer for Acer/emachines owners that want to use BT5 in live mode.

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