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Thread: Macbook Pro BT 5 VMware Fusion NEWB

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    Question Macbook Pro BT 5 VMware Fusion NEWB

    Ok guys, I am kind of a newb to pen testing and BackTrack. I want to install Backtrack 5 as a VM on VMware Fusion on my Macbook Pro (13" current model with Thunderbolt). I am a little lost with all the "flavor" choices. Should I use Gnome/KDE ,32 bit/64 bit. I had trouble getting the broadcom wlan card to load on a BT4R2 installation I was working on a few weeks ago. Any knowledge or help would be much appreciated.

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    im on a macbook pro 13" its you choice, try them all and see which one you like. As far as i know the stock card doesnt work and if it does doesnt support injection.
    pick a a usb -alpha or G-sky they have a good range,check the supported equiptment section of the forum.

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    I'm not familiar with macbooks but check to see if you are running 32bit or 64 bit os and the amount of ram you have if you are using vmware unless you have alot of ram to associate with the VM i would stick to 32bit and in terms of gnome or kde just look at the user interface as that is the only difference im aware of. For wireless you have to use a USB card for it to work in a virtual session(its a vmware, virtualbox, etc thing). That is probably why you couldnt load your broadcom card as it is a built in. If you boot to the live cd then you would be able to use it, whether or not your specific model is supported in that regards check out the supported hardware in the forums or the wiki if it has been updated
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