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Thread: Missing applications in Backtrack 5?

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    Default Re: Missing applications in Backtrack 5?

    Wut's all this about cracking hardwired lans is a thing of the past? Really? By the way, a nicer solution to your wep auditing needs in my opinion is grimwepa (get the latest version, older versions are around and are buggy). Was available for BT4 but removed from BT5. It is very similar in functionality as gerix. and maybe thats why they opted to leave it out.

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    WEP is quite obsolete, no doubt. I'm not sure how believable it is that one is 'security auditing' in testing the hack-ability of a WEP enabled wireless network

    That said, I think WEPBuster script makes a really good show-n-tell demo of just how insecure a company's wireless truly is. Popping up a few terminal windows in Linux isn't frightening to an IS engineer, but then, it 'looks' like rocket science to many VP incumbents, who remain convinced that only true eggheads pose a risk. Kiddie-scripts go a long ways to drive home just how vulnerable they really are. I'd vote to put WEPBuster in, pointing output TXT to desktop for demo.

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    As has been stated before, some of those tools we tested during development of BT5 and we found them to be lacking, against the standard (tried and true) aircrack-ng suite. So we left them out. Now as for some form of testing such as lan being old and not the norm of the day. Well I would disagree since the majority of businesses and or enterprises are not running 100's or thousands of nodes on wireless networks whether it be wep, wpa, or what-have-you.
    As I also stated before, the tools are easy to install if one so desires them. Failing one's ability to do that then I don't believe we (BT team) can really help you.
    Thanks for your understanding of this.
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    a network admin is only as good as his manager. case and point: my company owner is still using a thinkpad that supports infared.

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