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Thread: creating unpriv user

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    Default creating unpriv user

    hello backtrack team

    i realized you guys probably dont like unprivilieged users

    Even with no support
    Is it possible for you guys to tell how to properly create a unprivileged user at my own risk? i use bt as my main system cause i like it a lot i dont even get a linux distro to do stuff(even with all setup troubles)

    Let me tell why im asking this, when using bt5 or other bt distro a user navigating with all privileges has got root level, even when i open irc it gives me a message running as root is stupid

    i did a adduser followed by nano /etc/group and visudo to add to root, but when i log on misses menus, i ruined bt5 omg.

    Many users of BT wanna do it, you can bet on it

    stay well

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    Default Re: creating unpriv user

    I just did a "adduser [name]" for the rare occasions I have to use BT as unpriv user... My root session is just fine...
    Running both KDE and GNOME BT5 flawlessly. Thank you !

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    Default Re: creating unpriv user

    BT was designed to be run as root.

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