In my Macbook pro running a broadcom chipset internally, I can confirm working injection on the internal card, which has never worked previously. My findings will likely work on other Intel based macs as well, but NOT tested.

Macbook Specs:

Macbook Model: Macbook Pro A2160, 4,1 Penryn
Exact Card Output: Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 05)
Wireless Driver: b43

Other common compatibility issues including function buttons etc, I have overcome with various (somewhat simple) workarounds. Including working audio buttons, backlight buttons, and keyboard backlight buttons.

Audio buttons (OSS wrapper): killall -9 pulseaudio && padsp pulseaudio &
Monitor Backlight: gnome-power-manager &
Keyboard Backlight: Bind keys to this script..

Overall I would say it runs great with small amount of work, I could not ask for more. Great job BackTrack dev team!