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    I read a few posts about people trying to get chrome working on BackTrack 5, I solved this a couple days after the release and figured I would share.

    I was not able to get it working with the --user-data-dir, even with separate users and correct permissions as suggested by the chrome developers. If someone did figure this out, it may be a more secure solution and your welcome to post it here.

    Problem: Chrome will not run with root permissions.
    Solution: Use a version of chrome before the UID check was implemented.

    I have thrown together some of the older debs, collected from the ubuntu repo's, as well as a basic bash script to get it going.

    Download 32bit:
    Download 64bit:


    EDIT: Appears another member has posted an alternate workaround as well. Was not aware when I posted this, I'm sure either method will accomplish the job.
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