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    I know quite a bit about linux, and I know quite a bit of people in my area that can help, but so far we are stumped on my wireless driver. I have read a couple forums/posts on other realtek driver installs, but i semi mirror what they do and still nothing. I downloaded the tar.bz2 and unzipped it. Can someone walk me through the steps of this? Never really did driver installs in linux, ubuntu usually worked with my wireless card, but I am a BT guy for life.

    I know when I try to make inside of the r8101.. directory I get some module error. I feel as if my module isn't set up correctly. Enlighten me please.

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    Before you unpack and install the driver you may need install the kernel source files Once that's done just do the normal unpacking of the driver package and then change directory into the newly created folder and run make then make install.

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